Wren Alexandra

Alex Wren

Leading Teacher - Wellbeing
Naidoo Porshian

Porsh Naidoo

Speech Pathologist
Wood Julia

Julia Wood

Education Support Officer


At Truganina South Primary School

Student Resilience and Wellbeing are essential for both academic and social development, and are optimised by safe, supportive and respectful learning environments. Schools share this responsibility with the whole community. In 2020, we have created a Wellbeing Team to collaborate with teachers and families to support our students holistically. Our team includes the Principal Class, Leading Teacher – Wellbeing, Speech Pathologists, Social Worker and an Education Support Officer. We have created a welcoming space for students to feel safe and calm within the Wellbeing Hub. A key focus of the Wellbeing team is Social Thinking. Social Thinking focuses on helping children figure out how to think in social situations. Children are taught to observe and think about their own and others' thoughts and feelings. They also learn the connection between thoughts, feelings and behaviours. This in turn helps to promote better engagement, conflict resolution and relationships which leads to greater wellbeing. We are starting to run groups with students this year. The TSPS Wellbeing Team works to support optimum health and wellbeing for students and staff and to ensure a positive, safe and caring school community. The Wellbeing Team provides both targeted and small group support for students as well as support for ongoing staff development. The Wellbeing Team contributes to the School Wide Positive Behaviour Model – SWPBS and the intentional promotion of optimal learning, social and emotional development, personal strengths and resilience.

  • Builds strong relationships with students and families.
  • Provides small group support.
  • Provides input into Social and Emotional learning programs such as Social Thinking, Respectful Relationships and The Resilience Project.
  • Provides support for teachers and class teams in supporting students with complex  Runs the Tunning Into Kids Parent Program Termly
  • Utilises a wide range of learning and mental health assessment frameworks to shape appropriate intervention strategies to enable the best outcome for the student, family and school.
  • Increases staff awareness of mental health interventions and strategies.
  • Follows a referral process and enables a strong team approach to case management of students.
  • Provides a range of student and family mental health supports, as well as building a network of services and community links.
  • Works with the School Wide Positive Behaviour Frame work.
  • Integrates Respectful Relationships into the programs 

Principal Class

Danese Linda

Linda Danese

Gerber Michael

Michael Gerber

Assistant Principal
Beckman Cass

Cass Beckman

Assistant Principal

Our school Principal Class values and supports Wellbeing at TSPS. The Principal Class has an overarching view of the school context and priorities. They guide the Wellbeing team in a direction that is in line with the Whole School vision. They provide a range of support in the school for students, families and staff including:

  • Work directly with students to support behaviour, social and emotional needs.
  • Consult with the Wellbeing Team where appropriate in order to support Whole School Initiatives
  • Shares information with the Wellbeing Team to support students
  • Support families to access external services.
  • Consult with SSS key contact regarding Students needs and incidents Support teachers and ES staff to improve their capacity to support students' needs
  • Attend Weekly Wellbeing Team Meetings 

Wellbeing and Engaement Leading Teacher

Wren Alexandra

Alex Wren

Our school Wellbeing and Engagement Leading Teacher, Alex, provides a range of support in the school for students, families and staff including:

  • Supporting the social and emotional wellbeing of students.
  • Supporting staff and Community wellbeing
  • Developing relationships with, and referring students to specialist services within the school or externally, under the supervision of the school principal.
  • Build a positive school culture
  • Help students who are at risk of disengaging from school
  • Working closely with teachers through Engagement coaching
  • Running parent meetings as required to provide details of the program and the services that are available.
  • Facilitating community partnership programs between the school and the wider community, under the supervision of the school principal
  • Working closely with as part of the school learning and support team or wellbeing committee and delivering student resilience and wellbeing services
  • Supporting teachers develop Behaviour Management Plans

These officers work on improvements that apply to the whole school community. This can include working with students, parents, staff and community organisations.

Speech and Language

Naidoo Porshian

Porsh Naidoo

Our school Speech Pathologist provides a range of support in the school for students, families and staff including:

  • Assessment and strategies for students with speech, language and learning difficulties at school
  • The Language Comprehension Program which supports the development of oral and narrative language in our students across Foundation to Year 6
  • Literacy support in the early years  Collaboration with teachers to create communication and language rich classrooms

Education Support

Wood Julia

Julia Wood

Our school Education Support Staff, Julia, provides a range of support in the school for students, families and staff including:

  • Supporting the team with work around the social and emotional wellbeing of students.
  • Facilitating the Social Thinking Program
  • Facilitating Social Learning sessions
  • Working closely with ES Staff and supporting with PSD Children
  • Providing resources such as : Sensory, Social, Emotion supports