The Science curriculum at Truganina South Primary School is diverse and covers many areas of study such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Earth Sciences, in accordance with the Victorian Curriculum. Through hands-on activities and investigations, students learn key scientific inquiry skills such as making predictions, altering variables, observing and recording, analysing data, experimental design and scientific reasoning abilities. Science allows students to wonder about and question the world around us, as well as understand how things work and use this knowledge to develop their own ideas and models.

Accornero, Vanessa


At TSPS we pride ourselves on being sustainable citizens. We are a ResourceSmart School and are currently rated at 4 stars. Our students take part in many initiatives such as Clean-up Australia Day, vegetable gardening, National Tree Planting Day and regular composting, worm farming and recycling. Our students learn about sustainability and how to reduce our impact on the Earth. We are passionate about our local environment and native plant and animal life, hence we have built a frog bog to increase habitat space for the dwindling frog populations. This has created a home for the Pobblebonk Frog and if you listen carefully as you walk by you can hear its calls. Learning outdoors is an important part of our program as it helps students get in touch with nature and take responsibility for their environmental choices. We have a student “Green Team” who help educate the younger students, monitor recycling and have opportunities to connect with local agencies in the community. They also work collaboratively to come up with ideas on how to improve the school.