Performing Arts

This year in Performing Arts it has been a bit of a different experience with Jenn Stirk stepping into the role. Entering Bollywood dance competitions, performing at GPAC in Geelong, Assembly performances, creating music videos, Flashmobs, Theatrical plays and many more. Jenn has worked hard at bringing the students out of their shells and raising confidence levels to an all time high.


The preps to twos discovered more about the world of Dance elements and the fun side of Music Theory. Also working on their song and dance skills learning and performing songs.

The threes to sixes learned about improvising and theatre sports but also how to write and perform solo and group scripts. A highlight was the Dance styles project where the students learnt about many dance styles and shared the knowledge. Ending the Unit in a Michael Jackson inspired flashmob.


Performing Arts has a great buzz around it from the students and teachers so I can’t wait to see what the future holds!