What an exciting year it has been in Multimedia. We have explored programmed robots sending them on missions around our classroom. Challenging ourselves to complete coding challenges against our classmates. We have looked at how computers gather and sort data to see the world from a computers point of view.

Senior students have filmed and photographed around our school and even using or macro lens to explore close up. We have looked at the professions that use these technologies such as a photo journalist or software engineer. Through their creative talents they have created visual stories which further demonstrated their wonderful talents. The senior students have worked so hard they should feel very proud their work, as I am sure their families will be too. As they will be bringing these home to share with their families at the end of the year. We have created stop motion clips using plasticine and Lego giving Mr Disney a run for his money.

Even our wonderful preps have looked at making animations while learning their way around the technology that will support them in the everyday activities in their classrooms. We have welcomed families to our mindfulness and wonderful steam nights full of fun and frivolity. It was a great way to show case some of the experiences the students have had this year along with many other things just for fun.

Hounsell, Paula