Mandarin - LOTE

Welcome to our Mandarin-Language Other Than English (LOTE) program. At Truganina South Primary School, we learn Mandarin through Chinese cultural contexts. Our linguistic aims are to develop useful daily communication skills and a sound understanding of the language systems of Chinese: both the spell-out spoken Chinese- Pinyin and the writing system of Chinese characters. We learn to write Chinese characters with a Chinese brush pen and calligraphy fabric.


Our program follows the traditional Chinese festivals calendar which helps us gain cultural understanding of some of the most significant Chinese festivals and traditional values. We have Chinese New Year Dress Up day each year at the beginning of Term 1. We sing many well-known Chinese songs and play lots of word games both online and in the class to help consolidate our Chinese vocabulary. We actively participate in community events such as the local Lunar New Year Festival in Point Cook, when a group of our students sang the Mandarin ‘Happy New Year’ song to the wider community, along with our school’s hand-made dragon. Our school will continue to utilise this kind of opportunity to practice our Mandarin skills in the future. 


Truganina South Primary School has a sister school in China called Nanjing Gulou Shiyan Primary School, which a small group of our students and parents visited in October 2019. We intend to continue our international exchange program through China Trip excursion when international travel becomes possible again. 


Come and join our adventure of learning Mandarin through the immersion of Chinese culture.


See you in Mandarin class!

 (zhōng wén jiào shì jiàn!) 



Yuánbīn   & xīn  lǎoshī                                  

 媛彬      &   欣  老师                                     

Mandarin teachers     

Wei Yuanbin


Mou Echo